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Safety Initiatives About Schoolies

Parents of Schoolies may feel nervous about their kids celebrating the Schoolies Week - on one hand, parents would like their kids to know they respect them and their decision, while on the other hand keeping their kids from high risk situations. To ensure vulnerable Schoolies enjoy their end of school holiday, it is crucial for parents to encourage appropriate behaviour and remind them the consequences of their actions.

To protect Schoolies from vulnerable situations, they will need student photo ID to obtain a wristband for entering into Schoolies precincts including the resort that they are staying. The government has partnered with local councils and community organizations to implement Safer Schoolies Initiative to keep young school leavers safe such as wristbands and schoolies-only activities in alcohol-free areas, including:

  • a highly-visible police presence in Schoolies areas,
  • a centralised Schoolies hotline for complaints and feedback,
  • communication tools for specific audiences about schoolies weeks,
  • coordination of local councils and community-based organisations.